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WebPunchClock Account Setup Instructions:

1. To set up your company account, log in using your Administrator account (the account you signed up with), and click on the Administration link on the blue taskbar. You will be taken to the main administration screen.

2. Click on the Settings link to setup your company's setting. Company settings apply to all users. To ensure that your employees cannot alter their time, we suggest that you get the time from the WebPunchClock server. Enter a default work schedule and a default paid time off. These default values will be used when you add your new users. Click on the Update button to save your settings.

3. Create your groups: Click on the Groups link and then click on the Add Group button. Add your groups. A group could be a department or division within your company.

4. Add your users: Click on the Users link on the gray administration taskbar. Click on the
Add User button. Add your employee information. When a user is created, the password will be the same as the user ID. Your users can change their passwords by clicking on the Change Password button on the main WebPunchClock login screen. Enter the work schedule, if you did not enter a default work schedule under Settings. The work schedule will be displayed as Contracted on the user's timecard. Enter the length of the user's paid time off days, if you did not enter a default value for paid time off days under Settings.

For the Access Level, select User for your employees that will be punching in and out. You can either restrict them to punching in and punching out only, or you can allow them to edit their own time records. For managers, select Manager. Select the levels of access for editing, approving, and running reports. For administrator, select Administrator. Administrators have full access.

To restrict a user to punching in and punching out from a specific PC in your office, you can enable IP address checking. You must use a static IP address for this to work. You may need to contact your network people to have this setup.

To save the user to the WebPunchClock database, click on the Save button.

After adding your users, you can send them their account information by going to Administration=>Email Notifications (Account Setup). Select a group or all groups and then highlight the users by left-clicking on them while pressing down on the Ctrl key. Enter your email address in the "Reply to" textbox. Click on the Send button to send out the emails.

The following information will be sent in the email message:

The WebPunchClock URL:

The user's login information:

- Company ID
- User ID
- Password

5. To view, approve, and edit your employee timecards, click on the Approvals link on the gray administration taskbar. To view a specific user's timecard, click on the View link. If your employees can punch in and punch out only, you, as an administrator or manager, will need to edit their timecards and add their time off days. The hours for the time off days are calculated automatically based on the paid time off hours you entered when you created the user. If your employees can update their own time records, you can approve (i.e., close off) their timecards so that they cannot go back and change them.

6. To run reports, click on the Reports link on the gray administration taskbar.

7. To download your time records, click on the Download link on the gray administration taskbar.

If you need additional help, you can email support at